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General Surgery

In the College of Medicine, the topics of Anesthesia, Urology, and Orthopedics are tackled during General Surgery hours. All specialties are nevertheless given equal serious attentions so that the graduate acquires sufficient knowledge to be an exceptional doctor.

Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Founded in 1997, the St. Luke’s Institute of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (IOSM) has played a role of an important contributor to the progress of St. Luke’s Medical Center. In two decades it grew into an Institute comprised of highly defined subspecialties attuned with the rapid medical breakthroughs of the world. The rapid evolution into the highly specialized orthopedic disciplines led to the new composition of different subspecialties such as trauma dealing with musculoskeletal injuries and fractures, surgical oncology in orthopedics, spine surgery, hand and microsurgery, joints reconstruction, foot and ankle surgery, orthopedic sports medicine, shoulder surgery, upper extremity surgery, and the what the initial focus of the art was at its beginning in 1741- pediatric orthopedics.
The IOSM, following the institution’s standard of excellence and highest level of care, has equipped itself with all these specialties to serve its patients. Staffed by highly trained specialists, many of whom are home-grown by its very own College of Medicine, the Institute humbly reckons as one of those having the best skilled surgeons in the country. For several times, IOSM was voted as the foremost orthopedic training center in the Philippines. It has produced numerous award-winning researches published or presented in prestigious local and international journals and meetings. IOSM takes pride in striving to be the best in service, in training, and in research.


The Department of Anesthesiology participates in teaching medical students in the College of Medicine by providing didactic lectures, small-group discussions, one-on-one teaching and simulation lessons that will introduce them to the principles and practice of Anesthesiology.

A series of lectures are given to third year medical students as a subspecialty module of the Department of Surgery providing them with an overview of the discipline that revolves around its history, types and techniques, basic facets of anesthetic management, preoperative evaluation, intraoperative monitoring, complications and pain medicine.

The Department also offers elective rotations to fourth- and fifth-year medical students where they report at St. Luke’s Medical Center under the tutelage of appointed faculty and residents. The rotation‘s emphasis is on giving them clinical exposure and hands-on practical experience in basic airway management and perioperative issues such as preoperative evaluation, fluid management, hemodynamic monitoring and acute pain management. The rotation will provide them with a comprehensive view of the role of the anesthesiologist in the perioperative monitoring and management of patients undergoing surgery. They will be assigned both at the Main Operating Room and OB-Gynecology Complex and will perform preoperative evaluation at the Social Service-Outpatient Division. They will experience a range of general as well as regional anesthesia cases, discuss the preparation and planning of cases, review perioperative medications, calculate dosing of drugs and fluids including blood transfusion therapy and even plan postoperative care. Additionally, they have the opportunity to learn airway management skills at the Simulation Laboratory of the College.

The Department believes that a mixture of basic science knowledge, practical skills and clinical problem-solving strategies will result to an in-depth learning experience for the medical students. And this is ably achieved by our dedicated College and Clinical faculty committed to this aspiration.

At the moment, with the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis in our midst and the academic institution going through an unprecedented time of uncertainty and change, the Department has adopted continuous online teaching sessions to the students using different social media platforms

Roster of Faculty

John Richard D. Nuñez, MD
Mark Anthony D. Castillejos, MD
Anesthesiology Subject Coordinator
Jesus Fernandez B. Inciong, MD, MSc
Clinical Nutrition Subject Coordinator
Andrew Gabriel J. Taberrah, MD
Orthopedics Subject Coordinator
Diosdado DL. Limjoco, MD
Urology Subject Coordinator

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