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Research Committee

The SLMCCM Research Committee is one among the Deans’ academic committees. It serves as the formal structure that provides guidance and has the official responsibility for the cultivation of a research culture, enhancing research endeavors among faculty, students and staff. The committee is charged with the responsibility of providing an enriching and supportive environment for the faculty, students and staff to develop or realize their highest potentials as researchers.

Composition of the Committee

The Research Committee consists of eight (8) members, including 4 faculty members from clinical departments, 2 faculty members from the basic science departments, 1 member from the Medical Library and 1 student member.

Functions of the Committee

  1. formulate research strategies and policies
  2. encourage, promote and advocate research in the College
  3. facilitate activities for enhancement of research capacity of faculty, students and staff
  4. promote collaborative research
  5. facilitate submissions to research funding and publication opportunities
  6. plan and coordinate activities for  exchange and dissemination of research
  7. devise and implement strategies and policies related to research awards


The Committee has 3 standing programs: research mentoring and consultation, research training and education and research awards. It’s flagship program, the Faculty Research Mentoring Program partners a more experienced faculty researcher (mentor) who shares his knowledge and expertise, and provides guidance and feedback to faculty members less experienced in research (mentee). The program aims to promote professional development of faculty members as independent researchers and established investigators. In collaboration with the St. Luke’s Medical Center Research and Biotechnology, the committee provides training programs to prepare faculty members to conduct rigorous and relevant research that advances knowledge in their field. Publication awards are given in recognition of outstanding scholarly achievement in scientific research, book chapter or book publication.

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