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Clinical Research

The Clinical Research department is staffed by faculty physicians who bring their various clinical expertise and keen  research interests within the broader field of Medicine. A key part of the faculty’s mission is to teach medical students Evidence-based Medicine. The use of research in clinical practice necessitates self- directed learning, focused on acquiring critical appraisal skills that enable physicians to be more analytical and discerning when obtaining primary journal information. The course thereby serves as good grounding in this utilization of new knowledge and information, which is eventually used for optimal patient care and better health outcomes. Moreover, students learn the concepts and process of synthesizing scientific evidence by doing their own systematic review/meta-analysis.  The department nurtures, and furthers, the formation of  health care professionals who are research-oriented, committed to lifelong learning, and supportive of SLMCCM-WHQM as a center of excellence for research.

Roster of Faculty

Ma. Luisa S. Aquino, MD, MHA

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