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Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Humanities

We aim to create a positive impact in global healthcare by engaging in meaningful conversations about the ethics of health and well-being. We work to cultivate the Lukan culture of care through education and scholarship focused on social inquiry, values, and engagement.

Our departmental activities include:

  • Convening professionalism and bioethical studies
  • Producing rigorous and socially relevant research
  • Facilitating community dialogue to better understand and address real-world health issues
  • Forging linkages

Our professionalism, medical ethics, and humanities studies at the St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine are unique in the country. We provide a suite of courses in the Doctor of Medicine program:

  • Introduction to the Medical Profession (Years 1, 2, and 3)
  • Medical Ethics (Year 2)
  • Bioethics in Society (elective for interns)
  • Service-Learning (elective for interns)

We try to create meaningful learning and research experiences in the medical school not only for our students but also for our staff. We offer workshops and supervised studies (by request) in the following areas: health care ethics, health law and policy, professionalism, creative arts and letters in health, spirituality and wellbeing, philosophy of medicine, and medical sociology.

We constantly challenge ourselves to rethink ways to engage the community with the ethical and social implications of human health endeavors.

Roster of Faculty

Pacifico Eric E. Calderon, MD, MBEth
Maria Liza T. Naranjo, MD
Introduction to the Medical Profession Subject Coordinator
Marina Dolores C. Balmores, MD, MHA
Medical Ethics Elective Subject Coordinator
Jennifer Marie J. Yang, MD
Medical Ethics Subject Coordinator
Athena Bernadette De Padua-Tan, MD
Service Learning, Health Track and Advocacy Track Overall SubCoordinator

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