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A number of students say that pharmacology is one of the dreaded subjects in medical school. Learning about so many drugs is a real challenge. Pharmacology integrates both basic medical and clinical sciences. A dynamic subject amidst rapidly evolving and changing disease and drug treatment paradigms. Researches on drug development and rational drug use are continuously being done with the aim of prolonging and improving the quality of life of patients. In addition, new diseases are emerging which would eventually require pharmacological intervention. All these factors make Pharmacology formidable.

The Department of Pharmacology of SLMCCM- WHQM is one of the lean departments in the College of Medicine. The core faculty consists of 4 members and additional lectures are delivered by clinicians from the other departments along with some guest lecturers. All the lecturers are experienced clinicians and educators who strive to make Pharmacology fun and interesting despite the many challenges. The teaching-learning activities are conducted to second year medical students twice a week for the whole year. In order for the students to have a solid grasp of Pharmacology, pre-requisite subjects include Biochemistry, Physiology and Anatomy. The objectives are for students to learn the fundamental principles of Pharmacology upon which rational drug prescribing is based. It encompasses the major classes of drugs as well as the physiological and biochemical basis for understanding the action of the drugs. Knowledge of these topics will enable the students to understand the crucial role of drugs in treating different disease entities.

After finishing the course, it is hoped that the students will be adequately equipped with the needed knowledge of available pharmacological agents in order to properly manage future patients.

Roster of Faculty

Aurora B. Tajan, MD, MBA-H

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