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Medical Fiesta 2019 Research Paper Competition

| November 10, 2019

Congratulations to our delegates who presented their respective researches in Medical Fiesta 2019 Research Paper Competition held in Malang, East Java, Indonesia this November 7 to 10, 2019

First Place:
Association of Social Media Use and Depression among Public Junior High School Students in Quezon City
Sagad, I., Ruzol, L., Sanchez, L., Santos, P., Santos, R., Sarapuddin, Z., Selim, R., Serrano, G., Singson, M., Sio, J., Solis, P., Sollestre, R., Suclad, R., and Sy, J.

Second Place:
Association between the Use of Mobile Dating Apps and Sexual Behavior Among Filipino College Students in the City of Manila
Calata, L., Bermundo L., Cabatana, A, Cabusas, M., Caceres, C., Casiwan, C., Castillo, G., Castillo, J., Cervantes, P., Chavez, C., Chiu, G., Ciencia, C., and Coleta, M.

You make the whole SLMCCM community proud! #LabanLukan

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