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Batch 2026 Pledge Ceremony

| July 22, 2022

Last May 31, 2022, the class of 2026 culminated their “Introduction to the Medical Profession 1” course with the Batch Pledge Ceremony via Hyflex (WeConnect) at Dean Basa Hall. The event was organized by the Department of Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Humanities and the College Administration.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of the keynote speaker, Dr. Dennis Serrano – the EVP for One Healthcare System at St. Luke’s Medical Center (SLMC), and Lukan alumnus from batch 2019, Dr. Jon Dy – currently a Resident at the Institute of Neurosciences of the SLMC Quezon City.

The ceremony was also attended by Dean Susan Pelea Nagtalon, Vice Dean Maria Isabel Atienza, Dr. Pacifico Eric Calderon, Dr. Bernard Laya, Dr. Joanne de Ramos, Dr. Ma. Liza Naranjo, Dr. Marina Dolores Balmores, and Dr. Sigfredo Solano.


Here is the pledge of Batch 2026:

As I begin the study of medicine at St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine – William H. Quasha Memorial, I commit myself to the responsibilities of the medical profession while acknowledging its privileges as well as its challenges.

I pledge to always put our patients first, and promote their health and quality of life, through proper education, prevention, and care. I will preserve the sanctity of patient-physician relationships and earn their trust by upholding the core values of Stewardship, Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence.

I will respect the holistic individuality of each patient and approach them with compassion and empathy regardless of beliefs, nationality, SOGIE, religion, or otherwise. I recognize the autonomy and capability of our patients and strive to effectively communicate and empower them to make their own informed decisions.

I dedicate myself to a lifetime of learning, practicing, and advancing the art and science of medicine. I recognize the collaborative nature of the field and value the contributions of all members of the medical community, regarding each one with due respect. May I uphold professionalism, integrity, and humility in everything I do.

I pledge to care for myself, in order to provide the best care for others. I will recognize my limitations, act within my capabilities, and be humble enough to reach out when needed.

I will advocate for sustainable, affordable, and quality healthcare for all. I vow to support laws and government bodies that improve and make healthcare more accessible, especially for the marginalized. May I be an instrument of healing in everything I do, and strive to become a doctor, not only for myself but also for my community and country.

I am honored for this opportunity to become a physician and will be eternally grateful to my mentors, peers, and everyone who has shown and given me their support.

May the Class of 2026 uphold these ideals and persevere with an unrelenting passion as we embark on our medical journey.

Cheers to Batch 2026! And welcome again to the lifetime study of the art and science of medicine.


Did you know? The course was originally called “Psychiatry Module”, and was overseen by the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Department. This evolved into what is now known as, “Introduction to the Medical Profession”, which covers the topics of communication, teamwork, and professionalism, and is now overseen by the Professionalism, Medical Ethics, and Humanities Department.

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