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Lukans Celebrate Art with a Weeklong Exhibit and a Night of Poetry

Article | December 18, 2020

Lukans Celebrate Art with a Weeklong Exhibit and a Night of Poetry

by Vince Austria 


SCENE: Art and Photography exhibit was held from January 16 to 21 at the SLCCM-WHQM Penthouse Lobby, and Poetry Night: ‘Under the Stars’ was held on January 17 at the Angelo King Auditorium.  

The theme of SCENE encompassed street art which was blended through various sceneries as seen in the Iatros’ promotional materials online. This event was directed by Paula Javillonar, the Art Director of Iatros, Ivan Jed Lazo, and Alayne Carvajal, the co-Chief Photographers of the same organization. 

SCENE formally opened on the night of January 16, with the directors of the event encouraging the visitors to see the artwork as inspiration or ‘spark’ to engage more in arts. “When you view these artworks,” Lazo endorsed “let it be an inspiration or a window for the endless possibility of what you want your art to be.”  

Paintings and photographs which were displayed on the exhibit were prepared by the Lukan community, some of which are open for purchase. The proceeds of the event went partly to the artist and to the St. Luke’s scholarship fund. 

Apart from the exhibit, the Lukan community also participated in the freedom wall to show their artistic side by freehand drawing on the wall or color their way through a premade art with a bird design.

Poetry Night: Under the Stars followed a day after the opening of the art exhibit.  Organization of the program was spearheaded by co-heads Vince Austria, the Associate Editor, and Kevin Cristobal, the Literary Editor. Poets of the night filled  the auditorium with assorted emotions as they expressed their pieces on-stage along with the company of the hosts,  Zanne Roque and Gabriel Salazar from Batch 2024. 

The event formally started with an openning speech from Kevin Cristobal. The first batch of performers had their theme revolve around hope, reflections towards life, and expressing love towards self and also to an unexpected figure. Dianne Cunanan of Batch 2022 performed her untitled written piece about keeping one’s hope alive and not giving up. Joanna Santiago of Batch 2023 performed her piece called ‘Ilang Oras Bago and Pagsulit’. Lennie Daluz of Batch 2022 delivered her works, ‘Kumusta, Mahal?’ and ‘Hangin’, while Zarina Sarapuddin from the same batch performed her piece ‘Salamin’. After the first batch of spoken poetry, a short intermission was performed by the SLCM Musicians’ Circle while everyone was partaking in the snacks served. 

The second wave of performers had a brighter theme, with Tristan Cubangbang of Batch 2024, performing his comedic piece ‘A Requiem for a Trans Formatter’, Issa Vocal of Batch 2022 and her piece ‘Our Solar System’, and Zarina Sarapuddin expressing another piece entitled ‘Paano Mo Malalaman’. 

The last wave of performance had themes of friendship and closure; Issa Vocal delivered another piece, which she left untitled, while Zarina Sarapuddin flashed her third piece ‘Huling Paalam’. 

The last performer, Mr. Lance Abellon, was a guest from LAYA Manila. He delivered ‘Kapag Sumapit ang Tag-Ulan’, a piece that he describes as a lament for “being someone willing to help someone who is undergoing depression or a trial,” and ‘Huwag Magmadali’, which he introduced as an expression of “taking each day one day at a time, embracing the present, and letting go of the past.” Mr. Lance also promoted his book ‘Biag: Mga Tula’ before the night ‘Under the Stars’ was drawn to a full close through remarks from Vince Austria. 


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